Coffee Mill, named after a historic navigational point along the mighty Mississippi, offers the best of coulee skiing with a unique “bowl” arrangement for convenient lift accessibility and protection from cold winter winds. Extra long slopes combined with high capacity chairs provide a skiing experience second to none. From the gentle slopes of Chippewa to the radical pitch of O’Chute, each run is obscured from the next by an abundant growth of birch, oaks, and pines. Modern snowmaking and daily grooming insure great snow throughout the season. The majestic area offers fantastic views of river valleys and two states with unparalleled beauty.

The Coffee Mill Ski Patrol is a proud affiliate of the Coffee Mill Ski and Snowboard Resort. Our mission is to promote safe skiing and snowboarding among all who visit the hill and provide emergency rescue and medical services to injured skiers and snowboarders. Coffee Mill Ski Patrol is a member of the National Ski Patrol organization and is a volunteer and non-profit organization.